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Gov servants and employees of big corporation like Shell or banks were not allowed/discouraged to have business under their name. Of course, there are ways around this limitation.
But what if they could? After all these people do have steady income and if they have good business idea and capital, why not let them start a business and employ local people.
We had heard of the arguments against such idea. But what if this is an area we could explore?
I know there are entities like Kooperasi which these employees are allowed to invest in, though not actually running it. How about we expand on that scheme?
Just an idea.


I am just curious. If I asked, say a Form 5 student to list the types of job available in Brunei (he/she sees him/herself) doing. (Not ambition, just the types of job). It would be interesting to know how broad the knowledge of Bruneians have about the types of job available in Brunei.

Because when everyone is aiming to be doctor, engineer, accountant, policeman, and these well-know My Ambition jobs or those highly known jobs like clerks, shop assistants, waiter, it is no wonder that many people are stuck when they learnt they can’t get those jobs (due to whatever reasons) and are totally lost to choose a career (or a job).