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I am just curious. If I asked, say a Form 5 student to list the types of job available in Brunei (he/she sees him/herself) doing. (Not ambition, just the types of job). It would be interesting to know how broad the knowledge of Bruneians have about the types of job available in Brunei.

Because when everyone is aiming to be doctor, engineer, accountant, policeman, and these well-know My Ambition jobs or those highly known jobs like clerks, shop assistants, waiter, it is no wonder that many people are stuck when they learnt they can’t get those jobs (due to whatever reasons) and are totally lost to choose a career (or a job).


Kopi is the Malay word for coffee.

Over a cup of kopi is a collection of the author’s thoughts and suggestions on Brunei. I welcome discussions, critiques, sharing of experiences and general chat that readers may post. 

The land, though small by comparison, has nurtured and provided us with so much. It is hoped that ideas can be free-flow in here to improve our beloved country much further. 

It may not be the best and frankly throughout my travels, I have yet to see a perfect country in this world to live in. It is hoped that when everyone contributes to generating ideas, we can make the best out of it.

Like parents, she held out hands while we were young. Now that we are able, we shall make sure we take care of her.Image

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